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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
face flannel, facecloth washcloth
faculty (of university) at European universities, a group of departments specializing in a particular field
faff [colloq.] hassle
fag [slang] cigarette;
young British public school boy forced to run errands for an older one, similar to an American private school 'gofer'
fag end [slang] (the stump of a smoked cigarette) butt end;
the last or worst part of something
fagged out [colloq.] tired out, exhausted
faggot fried or baked pork and liver meatball
faggot [slang] unpleasant woman
fair and square (precisely and without any doubt) squarely
fair crack of the whip [colloq.] fair chance to participate, etc.
fairground piece of land on which a funfair is held
faith school parochial school
family saloon (car) sedan
fancy (v.) feel a desire for something; have a crush on someone
fancy dress party costumes party
fanny [slang]  (female genitals) beaver, pussy [both slang],
Fanny Adams (as in 'do sweet Fanny Adams') [colloq.]  nothing at all, complete idleness
Father Christmas Santa Claus
feel sick feel nauseous
fen moor, marsh, swampland
fête charity-fundraising outdoor sale of used goods, etc.
field marshal (British Army) general of the army (U.S. Army)
filing cabinet file cabinet
fill in a form fill out a form
filling station gas station
film (cinema) movie
finance director (chief financial director) chief financial officer (or CFO)
financial year fiscal year
fire brigade, fire service fire department
fireman fire fighter
fire hydrant fireplug, hydrant
fire station firehouse
firework fire cracker
first floor (UK) second floor (U.S.)
first form (at school) first grade
first-former   first grader
first-past-the-post (election) winner-takes-all candidate selection
first-year student/undergraduate freshman  
fish finger (frozen food item) fish stick
fish slice (kitchen utensil) spatula, pancake turner
fishmonger fish dealer
fitted carpet wall-to-wall carpet
fixture agreed time and date for a sports event
fizzy drink soda, pop
flan open pie with sweet or savory filling
flannel facecloth, washcloth
flat (to let) apartment (for rent)
flat (individually owned) condominium
flatmate roommate
flatware U.K. flatware is flat earthenware, such as plates, saucers, etc.
fleet chief petty officer (Royal Navy) warrant officer > master chief petty officer
> senior chief petty officer (U.S. Navy)
Fleet Street [colloq.] street still synonymous with 'the London press,' although it is no longer based there
flex electric cord or wire
flexitime (see also BrE core time) flextime
flick [colloq.] ('go to the flicks') movie ('go to the movies')
flick knife switchblade
flight lieutenant (Royal Air Force) captain (U.S. Air Force)
flight sergeant (Royal Air Force) master sergeant (U.S. Air Force)
flipping [colloq.] (as in 'it's flipping hot')   darned  [colloq.], exceedingly 
flog [slang] sell, offer for sale
flotation (stock market) initial public offering (IPO)
fly tipping illegal dumping
flyover overpass
flysheet (extra sheet of canvas over tent) fly
football  (association football) soccer
football pitch soccer field
footballer soccer player;
football player (American football)
footfall (business term) the number of people who enter a store or business premises within a given period of time
form (school class) grade
fortnight (from Old English, meaning fourteen nights) two weeks
fourth-year student or undergraduate on 4-year course senior
foyer  (in the UK, a large open area inside
            the entrance of a public building)
Fred Karno's (army) [colloq.] 
        (as in: 'This restaurant is a right Fred Karno's!')
chaotic outfit, organization or setup where nothing works and staff are incompetent
free house inn or pub not controlled by one particular brewery
freephone (or 0800) number in the UK  toll free (or 800) number in the U.S.
French bean green bean
French dressing Italian dressing
French letter [old-fashioned colloq.] condom
French windows French doors
fresher [colloq.] (first-year undergraduate) freshman (also used at U.S. high-schools)
fridge cooler, refrigerator
fringe (hair) bangs
front (seafront) promenade
fruiterer fruit dealer
fruit machine slot machine, one-armed bandit
fruity [colloq.]  (rude or saucy) full of scandal or sexy humor
frying pan skillet, fry pan, frying pan
fuel gauge gas gauge
fug (n.) [colloq.] stuffy or fusty atmosphere, as in an unaired room
full [slang] drunk
full age having adult legal status
full board (hotel stay including three meals per day) American plan (compare European plan)
full marks rated A1; deserving commendation
the full monty [colloq.]  (all the good things avaialble
                                      or one would expect to find)
the works [colloq.]
full stop (punctuation mark) period
funeral parlour funeral home, funeral parlor
funfair amusement park; carnival (traveling outdoor show)
funnel (on a ship or steam engine/locomotive) smokestack
funny bone crazy bone
the fuzz [colloq.] the cops [colloq.], police