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This website has been around for quite a while and used to be much larger. Although not created from any modern template, its plain and simple color scheme with good contrast should make reading easier for most age groups.

Most importantly, each page is formatted for your computer screen or iPad rather than the smartphone you carry with you everywhere. This is so we can present key English learning points in table form, with clear examples always in view alongside. Busy students preparing to sit exams will not want to waste too much time scrolling up and down — especially on a very small screen.

DavidAppleyard.com in 2004Useful linguistic terms are hyperlinked to their definitions elsewhere on the site, and in the British and American vocabulary glossaries expressions with differering meaning on either side of the Atlantic are cross-linked for quick comparison.

The approach to grammar is a traditional one. Just as with safe driving, language acquisition and effective communication are helped along by some basic rules of the road.

Whether you are a native speaker of English or a non-native learner, I do hope you find something of interest or benefit. Genuine feedback is always welcome here, and thank you for today's visit!


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Trusted Resources for Teachers, Students, Readers & Writers

Affixes — The Building Blocks of English
Michael Quinion's dictionary of prefixes and suffixes originallly published by Oxford University Press in 2002.

BBC World Service Radio  
Hone your listening skills and stay well informed by tuning in to "the world's radio station".

BBC Learning English
English language teaching on BBC external services since 1943

BBC Skillswise: English help for adults
Literary skills for adult learners

British Council: Learn English
The British Council promotes UK culture and education in over 100 countries.

British Council/BBC: Teaching English
A wide selection of lesson plans and other resources for English teachers around the globe

Cambridge English Language Assessment
Your guide to the full range of Cambridge English exams and teaching qualifications

Common Errors in English Usage
From the website of Professor Paul Brians of Washington State University

Dave's ESL Café
Up and running since the 1990s, Dave's ESL Café is a great place to look for English teaching jobs in East Asia and quite a few other places.

Dictionary of Middle English [from ca.1100 to ca.1500]
The University of Michigan provides this invaluable tool for anyone interested in medieval English literature.

EF Resources for Learning English
EF (Education First) was founded in Sweden in 1965 and is now active in over 100 countries and territories.

ELT Journal
This Oxford University Press journal for everyone involved in English education has a 75-year history.

Providing free online English lessons and ESL/EFL resources since the late 1990s

European Commission: How to Write Clearly [PDF file]
"KISS: Keep It Short and Simple!"

Over 145,000 synonyms, antonyms, and related words sourced from Collins Thesaurus of the English Language — Complete and Unabridged, The American Heritage Roget's Thesaurus, and WordNet.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
Dedicated to the late Dr. Charles Darling, who developed this site to support his students back in 1996.

IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)
UK-based organization supporting English-language teaching professionals worldwide

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
English language proficiency tests approved by the UK, Australian and New Zealand governments for visa and immigration purposes

A speaking picture-dictionary of English. Hover your mouse cursor over any image to hear it pronounced.

Merriam-Webster Online
The best known freely accessible dictionary and thesaurus of American English on the Web. Comes with games and quizzes to test and build your vocabulary.

UK Macmillan publishing group's online ELT portal. A wealth of resources for English teachers (subscription needed for full access). Free online version of Macmillan's English dictionary and thesaurus.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
A superb guide to creative writing by author and poet Chuck Guilford, who also holds a Ph.D. in English.

Project Gutenberg
Choose from over 60,000 free eBooks, especially older works now out of copyright in the United States. Download in epub and Kindle format or read online.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
The tools you need to train and improve your English writing skills for all kinds of purposes. This is a website of the highest caliber.

SIL: Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Everything from ADJECTIVE to ONOMATOPOEIA — more than 900 linguistic and grammatical terms clearly defined

This portal created by teachers for teachers offers "thousands of lessons, units, and reviewed web resources for the K–12 classroom in an ad-free environment."

TESOL International Association
Based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Said to be the largest professional organization for teachers of English as a second or foreign language.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Testing the proficiency of non-native English speakers applying to university in over 150 countries.

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
Standardized test of general English proficiency for non-native speakers in international workplaces.

Since 2002, a provider of good quality ESL/EFL resources to learners and teachers around the globe.

Wikipedia: English Language
Wikipedia's comprehensive overview of the English language

Wikipedia: History of English
Wikipedia summarizes the history of English from the 5th century to the present day.

This popular free online dictionary and thesaurus has been with us now for 20 years. Ad-supported.

Crossword Puzzles

Free crossword puzzles

Boatloadpuzzles.com: Today's Puzzle | Archive of 40,000 Free Crossword Puzzles
Boasts the largest collection of free online crossword puzzles on the Net. Currently no registration is needed.

The Guardian Quick Crossword
The Guardian's daily Quick Crossword still available free of charge on the Web, whereas it seems app users are asked to subscribe.

Internet TESL Journal Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students: Easy | Not So Easy
Beginner to elementary level. Vintage site but it still works!

MirrorEyes.com: Over 8,000 Free Printable Crosswords
This site has been posting printable crosswords since the year 2000.

New York Times Daily Mini Crossword
A worldwide perennial favorite, even among non-subscribers to the NYT newspaper.

USA Today: Easy Crossword | Stan's Daily Crossword | Sunday Crossword
A further selection of regular free crosswords

Washington Post Daily Crossword 
Same puzzle as found on the LA Times website, but here the ads seem less intrusive.

Crossword Help

Unscramblerer.com: Crossword Solver
Hopefully your final resort: get help finding those last missing letters, plus10 useful tips for successful crossword solving.





Tests, Quizzes, Puzzles & Games

British Council LearnEnglish: Vocabulary Exercises
A few basic vocabulary exercises for beginner and elementary level learners.

Dave Sperling's ESL Quiz Center
Dave Sperling's ESL Café has been with us for over two decades.

EF SET Express: A Free Standardized Online English Test
Establish your English level in just 15 minutes.

EnglishClub.com > ESL Games: Hangman | Matching GamesSpelling Games | English Typing Test
Josef Essberger's ESLClub.com has been providing consistent service since 1997.

Merriam-Webster: Word Games and Quizzes
Test and build your vocabulary with Merriam-Webster, provider of America's best-known free online dictionary.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Listening Quizzes & Exercises
Hone those listening comprehension skills.

USA Today: Word Games
Miscellaneous word games from USA Today, perhaps America's only truly national daily newspaper.

UsingEnglish.com: English Language (ESL) Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes
Fun challenges from this reputable provider of free online English learning materials since 2002.