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British–American Glossary | E

Smoothing transatlantic communication
Index of Briticisms
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AmericanBritish BritishAmerican
early closing shop staying closed one afternoon a week
earth (n.) (v.) (electrical) ground
earth wire ground wire
economy class (esp. on airliner)   coach class
eff (v.) [colloq.] swear using the F-word
elastic band rubber band
electric fire space heater (mainly type with glowing bars or elements)
electricity pylon transmission tower, high tension tower
an eleven soccer or cricket team
the eleven-plus exam taken by 11-year-olds in some areas of England to determine which type of school they'll go to next
elevenses mid-morning coffee or tea taken around 11 o'clock
                     (Brits often leave lunch until 1:00 PM)
elk moose
embankment (of a river) bank
en suite facilities private bathroom in a UK hotel room viewed as a novelty
endive, curly endive chicory, chicory crown
engaged (of a telephone line or a toilet) busy or occupied  
engine driver (on a train) engineer
envisage envision
entrée appetizer;
if the meal is a very formal one, an entrée is a dish served between the fish and meat courses  
equal opportunities affirmative action (program of positive discrimination)
estate (housing estate) housing development, subdivision
estate (type of car) station wagon
estate agent real estate agent, real estate broker, Realtor™
evening classes (after-work adult education) night school (even if it's still broad daylight!)
evens (equally likely to happen as not) fifty-fifty
excavator (mechanical digger) backhoe
excess (amount specified in an insurance policy that the insured party will have to cover in the event of a claim) deductible
exclamation mark exclamation point
ex-directory when your phone number is unlisted
exercise book notebook
exhaust pipe tailpipe
exhibit exhibited item
exhibition (collection of exhibits) exhibit
expiry date expiration date
ex-serviceman, ex-servicewoman veteran, war veteran


Index of Briticisms
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