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Smoothing transatlantic communication
Index of Briticisms
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AmericanBritish BritishAmerican
naff [colloq.] tacky [colloq.], lacking in style, unfashionable
Naff off! [slang]  (Go away!) Beat it! [slang] Get lost!
the Naffy [slang] servicemen's canteen run by
the NAAFI (Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes)
nancy, nancy boy [slang] effeminate or homosexual man
nanny (as in 'a nanny state')   overprotective
nappy   diaper
narked [slang] annoyed, infuriated
national service peacetime conscription in UK between 1949 and 1960
natter (v.) babble, chatter idly
navvy laborer
needlecord (fine-ribbed corduroy fabric) pinwale
net curtains sheer curtains, sheers, underdrapes
new moon crescent moon
newsagent (shop selling newspapers and magazines,
                    providing home delivery for a surcharge)
newspaper round newspaper route, paper route
newsreader newscaster
nibbles [colloq.]  (small, light snack items) munchies [colloq.]
nick (n.) [slang] (as in 'Nick got out of the nick
                                     in pretty good nick')
slammer [slang], prison;
shape, condition
nick (v.) [slang] (as in 'Nick was nicked for nicking
                           Nicky's knickers and fined 50 nicker!')
steal, glom [slang]
nicker [n.](U)  [slang] (as in 'I won 500 nicker!') pound (£1)
night-dress nightgown
nil naught, zero (in soccer scores)
nipper [colloq.] young child (esp. a boy)
no entry (traffic sign) do not enter, wrong way
nob {colloq.] rich person from an important family;
member of the landed gentry
nominate (propose someone for office) slate  
no overtaking (traffic sign) no passing
non-profit organization (or NPO) not-for-profit organization
non-U speech or behavior unacceptable to the upper classes
normality normalcy
nosh [slang] food and drink
noshery [slang] restaurant, diner
nosh-up [slang] large meal
nosy parker busybody; someone too interested in the lives of others
not cricket [colloq.] not fair; dishonorable, unsportsmanlike behavior
not give a monkey's [colloq.] not give a damn, not care the least
not in the same street (with/as something else) [colloq.] utterly inferior (to)
note (paper money) bill
notecase billfold
notelet quarter-folded sheet of letter-writing paper with a picture on the front so that it resembles a small card
noticeboard bulletin board
nought zero, naught
noughts and crosses (game) tic-tac-toe, tick-tack-toe
nous common sense
number plate (on vehicle) license plate
nursery nurse person properly trained to look after very young children
nursery school (school for children aged 2-5) preschool
nursery stakes race for 2-year-old horses
nursing officer senior British nurse reporting to a senior nursing officer
nutter weirdo, someone considered eccentric or crazy


Index of Briticisms
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