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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
absentee ballot postal ballot, postal vote
absorbent cotton cotton wool
acetaminophen  (analgesic) paracetamol
across from opposite
affirmative action (form of positive discrimination) equal opportunities
airfoil aerofoil
airman basic (U.S. Air Force) aircraftman (Royal Air Force)
airman 1st class (U.S. Air Force) corporal (Royal Air Force)
airplane aeroplane
all-purpose flour plain flour
Allen™ wrench Allen™ key
alligator clip crocodile clip
allowance (money paid to child) pocket money
aluminum aluminium
AM radio (cf. FM radio) medium wave
American plan (hotel rate includes 3 meals a day) full board, board and lodging, bed and board
American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) American War of Independence
amusement park funfair, amusement park
anesthesiologist anaesthetist
annual meeting (at which shareholders discuss
                            a company's annual report)
annual general meeting (or AGM)
answering machine answerphone
antenna (radio) aerial
apartment (for rent) flat (to let)
apartment building/house block of flats
apartment hotel service flats
apparel clothes (esp. when sold in a shop)
appetizer (first course of a meal) entrée, starter, appetizer
architect's lamp Anglepoise™ lamp
area code (telephone) dialling code
around (as in 'he put his arm around her waist') round, around
artsy (pretentiously artistic; worshipping of the arts) arty
ass [slang] (buttocks, posterior) arse [slang]
attic loft (if roomless), attic
attorney solicitor (general lawyer);
barrister (lawyer granted the right to plead
                before the bar in higher courts)
auto, automobile car, motor car
auto maker car manufacturer
auto racing, automobile racing motor racing
automated teller machine (ATM) cash dispenser, cash machine, cashpoint
automatic draft (banking) direct debit, standing order