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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
daddy longlegs [colloq.] harvestman (arachnid a.k.a. 'harvest spider')
dame [slang] (woman)   bird [slang]
davenport a large well-upholstered sofa, especially one that can also serve as a bed
daylight saving time summer time  
deck of cards pack of cards
deductible (insurance term) excess
deductions (from paycheck) stoppages
defogger, defroster (on car windshield/rear window) demister
depot railway station
delivery truck van
demon alcohol, the  [humorous] demon drink, the
dentist's office dental surgery
Department of the Navy, the (U.S. Navy) Admiralty, the (Royal Navy)
dependency (annex) annexe
dependent clause  [grammar] subordinate clause
derby bowler, bowler hat
dessert pudding, sweet, afters [colloq.], dessert
detour  (rerouting traffic to avoid some obstacle) diversion
dial tone (telephone) dialling tone
diaper nappy
dick [colloq.] detective
different than  (informal variant of 'different from') different to, different from
diner small roadside eatery, usually with similar layout to a railroad dining car
dingbat [colloq.]   nutter [colloq.] (crazy or eccentric person)
dinky [colloq.] small and without charm
directory assistance (telephone) directory enquiries
dirt (on the ground) loose soil; solid waste such as dog's droppings
dish liquid, dishwashing liquid washing-up liquid
dish towel, dish cloth, dishrag tea towel
dishwasher (the human variety!) washer-up
divided highway dual carriageway
do not enter (traffic sign) no entry
do the dishes wash up, do the washing up
doctor's office surgery, doctor's surgery
dog's doo-doo [colloq.] dog's shit [slang], dog poo, a dog turd
doghouse kennel
dogie motherless calf
donut doughnut
doo-doo [colloq.] (e.g. 'I trod in some dog's
poo [colloq.], shit [slang], faeces, a turd
doofus [colloq.] twit [collq.], fool
dorm [colloq.], dormitory  (on college campus) hall of residence
double or nothing quits
double-pane windows double-glazed windows, double glazing
downscale downmarket
downspout drainpipe
downtown (see also uptown) city centre
draft, the  (compulsory military service) conscription
draftee  (someone forced by law to do military service) conscript
drainboard (dish-drying surface by kitchen sink) draining board
drapes, draperies (generally plural only) thicker curtains
dress shoes smart casual or formal style shoes
dresser (chest of drawers with mirror on top) dressing table
drip feed [med.]   drip (as in 'he was put on a drip')
driver's license driving licence
driver's test driving test
driveway (private road leading to a private property) drive, driveway;
garage drive
drop cloth dust sheet
druggist (person licensed to sell/prepare medicines) chemist
drunken driver/driving drink-driver/driving
dry goods store drapery, draper's (shop)
dry the dishes dry up
dude [colloq.] bloke, geezer [both colloq.], chap, fellow
duff [slang]  (as in: 'Get off your duff!') backside, rear end [colloq.]
dumb stupid
dummy [slang] (stupid person) wally [slang]
dump (n. & v.)  (garbage or trash) tip (n. & v.)  (rubbish)
dump on someone criticize someone severely
dump truck dumper, tipper lorry, tipper truck
Dumpster™ (large metal container for waste disposal) container, skip
dupe (gullible, easily deceived person) mug [slang]
duplex (house) maisonette  
duplex apartment (apartment on two stories
                              with its own entrance)
semi-detached house
dust cloth duster
duty roster (work-sharing schedule) rota
dweeb [slang]  (socially awkward person) nerd