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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
eat crow (be forced to admit you were wrong) eat humble pie
eggbeater [slang] chopper [colloq.], helicopter
eggplant aubergine
eighth note (in music) quaver
electrical cord flex, wire, lead
electrical outlet wall socket, mains socket, plug socket, plug [colloq.], power point
elementary school primary school
elevator lift
elevator music (also referred to as 'muzak') piped music
emergency brake (on a vehicle) handbrake
emergency room (hospital) A & E (Accident and Emergency), casualty
engineer (on train) engine driver
enlisted ranks ranks other than officers in the armed forces
ensign > chief warrant officer (U.S. Navy) acting sub-lieutenant (Royal Navy)
entrance ramp (to access a highway or freeway) slip road
entrée main course (of a meal)
envision envisage
eraser rubber
Erector™ set (toy mechanical construction kit) Meccano™  (UK equivalent)
escalator moving staircase, escalator
European plan (hotel rate with no meals included) room only
exclamation point exclamation mark
exhibit exhibition (collection of exhibits = items on display)
exit ramp (for leaving a highway or freeway) slip road
express mail special delivery
exterminator pest or vermin control specialist
eyeball [colloq.] stare directly at  
eyeglasses glasses, spectacles
expiration date expiry date