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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
face card (king, queen or jack in a deck of cards) court card
faculty (personnel) university department staff
fag, faggot [both slang] (homosexual or gay man)   bender, poof, poofter, nancy (boy) [all slang]
fall (the season) autumn
fall guy [slang] scapegoat
fanny (posterior) buttocks, bum [colloq.]
fanny pack bumbag
far-sighted long-sighted
fare collector (on city bus, etc.) conductor   
faucet (running water outlet) tap
fava bean broad bean
fender (on vehicle) mudguard; wing  
fender bender [slang] (minor vehicle collision) prang [slang]
Ferris wheel big wheel
field day (for students) sports day
field hockey hockey
figure (think, guess) reckon  
figure on (expect) count on
file cabinet filing cabinet
file for bankruptcy protection go into administration (and if an outside specialist 
administrator cannot save an insolvent company, it goes into receivership or liquidation)
fill a prescription (for medicine at a pharmacy) make up a prescription (at a chemist)
fill out a form fill in a form
fink [colloq.]  (police informer) grass [colloq.];
fire [colloq.]  (dismiss an employee) sack, give someone the sack, give someone the boot, give someone their cards (i.e. the tax and insurance documents held by an employer for the duration of someone's employment)
fire cracker firework
fire department fire brigade, fire service
fire truck fire engine
firefighter fireman, firefighter
firehouse fire station
fireplug fire hydrant
first balcony (in theater) circle, dress circle
first floor (U.S.) ground floor (UK)
first grade (at school) first form
first grader   first-former
first/last quarter  (moon phases) half moon
fiscal year business year, financial year
fish dealer fishmonger
fish stick fish finger (frozen food item)
fitness club sports centre
flashlight torch
flat [colloq.]  (flat tire) puncture, flat tyre
flatware   (compare AmE hollowware) in the US, flatware means cutlery or silverware
flextime flexitime
Fleet Admiral (U.S. Navy) Admiral of the Fleet (Royal Navy)
floor lamp standard lamp
floor walker (person in large store who directs
                     customers & supervises sales staff)
flophouse [slang] (very cheap rooming house/hotel) doss-house [slang]  
fly (extra canvas sheet over tent to keep out rain) flysheet
FM radio (cf. AM radio) VHF, FM
food stamps government vouchers made available to poor people to exchange for food
food to go takeaway food
football American football
football player footballer (in soccer)
for sale (available to buy) on sale, for sale
forward slash     / oblique stroke     /
foyer  (in the U.S., the area in a home between
            the front door and other rooms)
fraternity university society for male students
freeway motorway
freight train goods train
freight truck goods lorry
French doors French windows
fresher [colloq.], freshman first-year high school or college/university student
fries, french fries chips, potato chips
front desk reception
front desk clerk receptionist
front walk garden path
frosh [colloq.] (freshman) first-year student or undergraduate
fruit and vegetable store greengrocer('s), greengrocery
fruit dealer fruiterer
fuel truck tanker, petrol tanker
funeral home, funeral parlor funeral parlour
furniture mover(s) furniture remover(s), removal(s) firm [both formal]; movers [informal]