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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
ice box fridge, refrigerator; cool box
ice-cream cone cornet
in box  (on desk) in-tray
in the cards [colloq.] (likely or probable) on the cards [colloq.]  
in back (of) at the back (of), behind
in the hospital (hospitalized) in hospital
Inc. (Incorporated) Ltd. (Abbreviation for 'Limited'.
         Ltd. company owners have limited personal
         liability in the event of a bankruptcy.)
income (in accounting) profit
income statement (in accounting) profit and loss account
independent clause  [grammar] main clause
India ink Indian ink
industrial park industrial estate, trading estate
infeasible, infeasibility unfeasible, unfeasibility
infirmary sickroom at US school, college, prison, etc.
initial public offering (IPO) (on stock market) flotation
inn small, rural area hotel; sometimes a bar  
inseam (length of inside seam on pair of pants) inside leg
installment plan HP, hire purchase
instant replay action replay
intermission (break in movie/theater performance)   interval  
intern (new hospital doctor gaining on-the-job 
           experience and still undergoing training)
intersection   crossroads, junction
interstate, interstate highway trunk road or motorway linking major U.S. cities
inventories (goods available for delivery) stocks
Italian dressing French dressing
Italian ice water ice
Ivy League America's most reputable universities, all located in the northeast: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. (compare Oxbridge)