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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
jackhammer pneumatic drill
jail, jailhouse gaol [old fashioned], prison
janitor caretaker
jawbreaker (very large round hard candy) gobstopper
Jell-O (a fruit-flavored gelatin dessert) jelly
jelly jam
jelly beans bean-shaped, jelly-like fruit sweets similar to jelly babies
jelly roll Swiss roll
jerk [slang] (contemptible man) bugger, prat, wanker, tosser, toe-rag [all slang]
jerk off, jack off [slang] (masturbate) toss off, wank (off) [both slang]
jersey in the US, a knitted shirt, especially as part of a uniform
jewelry jewellery
jimmy (short crowbar used by burglars) jemmy
jock [colloq.]    (derived from 'jockstrap') an athletic man (the well-built, rugged type);
a person completed absorbed by one single pursuit
Joe Blow [colloq.] (your average citizen) Joe Bloggs [colloq.]
a john [slang] client of a prostitute
the john [colloq.]  (lavatory, toilet) the loo [colloq.], bog, carsy [both slang]
John Doe [colloq.]  (your average citizen) Joe Bloggs [colloq.]
John Q. Public, Jane Q. Public
                              (the common man, woman)
Joe Public, Jane Public
jugs [slang] (female breasts) knockers, bristols [both slang], boobs [colloq.]
jump rope skipping rope
jumper kind of sleeveless dress, usually worn over a skirt
jumper cables jump leads
jumper dress pinafore dress
junior (academic) 3rd-year student/undergraduate on 4-year course