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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
kennel (the place where you leave your dog
             to be cared for while you are away)
kennels (plural)
kerosene paraffin
ketchup tomato sauce, ketchup
kettle In the U.S. a kettle is a metal cooking pot with lid (as in 'fish kettle'). Americans refer to the British type for boiling up water as a 'teakettle'.
kibitz (v.) chat;
offer unwanted advice, esp. during card games
kindergarten first year at school in the U.S.
        (corresponds to infant school in the UK)
kindergartner infant (a UK schoolchild under 7)
kitchen counter kitchen bench, worktop, work surface
kitchen shears kitchen scissors
kitchen stove (with oven and grill) cooker
Kleenex™ tissue, paper handkerchief
knickers knickerbockers; plus fours (these are baggy)
knock (on) wood  (said when hoping for luck) touch wood  
knock someone up [slang] (make pregnant) put in the family way [colloq.]
knucklehead [colloq.] (idiot, stupid person) blockhead, pinhead, jackass, twit [all colloq.], oaf, cretin