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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
ma'am madam
mail (referring to letters and packages for delivery,
        as well as the public service for this purpose)  
mail slot letterbox
mailbox (public) letterbox, postbox
mailman, mail carrier postman, postie [colloq.]
main drag, the [colloq.] high street, the
main street (on main street) high street  (in the high street)
major [acad.] (as in 'her major was economics',
                         'she majored in economics', or
                         'she's an economics major')
one's subject of specialization at college or university; also used to refer to the student or graduate involved
major (U.S. Air Force) squadron leader (Royal Air Force)
major general (U.S. Air Force) air vice marshal (Royal Air Force)
make an inventory take stock
mantel mantelpiece
marriage certificate marriage lines
marriage clerk's office register office, registry office
master sergeant (U.S. Air Force) flight sergeant (Royal Air Force)
math (mathematics) maths
mean (as in 'She has a mighty mean dog!') aggressive, vicious, violent
measuring cup measuring jug
meat grinder mincer
mechanical generator (e.g. on a bicycle) dynamo
mechanical pencil propelling pencil
median strip (on a freeway or divided highway) central reservation (on a motorway
                                or dual carriageway)
medicine chest, medicine cabinet bathroom cabinet
meet one's nut [colloq.] (in business) break even and cover one's costs
messy untidy
messenger courier;
dispatch-rider (provides fast, motorcycle delivery
                        of important documents/packages)  
mezzanine (first balcony in a theater) circle, dress circle  
Mideast, the Middle East, the
mid-term vacation (for school kids)

half-term holiday

mineral spirits white spirit
mini-mart convenience store
mock turtleneck  (of sweater with high round collar 
                             that does not fold over on itself)
model house show home, show house
molly bolt Rawplug™ (plastic anchor giving
                    screws a grip on walls)
momentarily shortly, very soon
money order postal order
monkey wrench adjustable spanner
monkeyshines (mischievous or playful behavior) monkey tricks
mooch (live off or get things from others without paying) sponge
moor (swampland) fen, marsh
moose elk
mopboard skirting board
morgue mortuary
mortician undertaker
motion picture cinema film
motorbike in the U.S. a moped or small, light motorcycle
motorhome camper van, camper
mountain oysters testicles of a sheep or bull served up as a delicacy
movers (furniture) remover(s), removal(s) firm [both formal];
movers [informal]
movie   film; flick [colloq.]
movie theater cinema
movies, the [colloq.] (as in 'I'm going to the movies') the pictures, the flicks [both colloq.], the cinema  
moving van removal(s) van or lorry; pantechnicon (large size)
muffin cupcake made of eggs and baking powder
muffler (on motor vehicle) silencer  
mug (n.) [slang] thug;
face, mush [slang]
munchies [colloq.]  (small, light snack items) nibbles [colloq.]
muslin  (in the U.S. a plain white cotton cloth) calico   
mutt [colloq.] foolish or incompetent person
mutual fund unit trust