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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
napkin (table) serviette
naught nought
nearsighted shortsighted
neat tidy
necktie tie
news dealer, newsstand newsagent (shop selling newspapers and
                    magazines; provides early-morning
                    delivery for a surcharge)
newscaster newsreader
night school  (after-work adult education) evening classes
night table bedside table
nightgown nightdress, nightie [colloq.]
nightstand bedside table
nightstick truncheon (policeman's baton)
no passing (traffic sign) no overtaking
no place {colloq.] nowhere
normalcy normality
nosh snack
not-for-profit organization non-profit organization (or NPO)
notebook exercise book
notions  (needlework items) haberdashery
number sign (pound sign: #) hash sign, hash mark
nut [colloq.]  (as in 'after losing half his customers
                      he had no hope of meeting his nut')
the amount of money needed to cover one's costs