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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
tab [colloq.] (as in 'pick up the tab' or pay for all;
           can also mean the 'pull-tab' on a drink can)
bill (e.g. in a restaurant);
ring-pull (on a drink can)
table (v.) (put on a back burner) shelve
table napkin serviette
tacky [slang]  (shabby, tasteless, lacking in style) naff [slang]
tailgate (n.) (on truck) tailboard (on lorry)
tailgate (v.), tailgating (n.) drive too close to the vehicle in front
taillight (on vehicle) rear light
tailpipe (on vehicle) exhaust pipe
take a bath have a bath ('take' also common)
Take a hike! Get lost! Go away!
take a pee [colloq.]  (urinate) have a pee, have a slash [slang]
take a rain check on something postpone accepting a kindness or invitation
take a shower have a shower ('take' also common)
take something with a grain of salt take something with a pinch of salt
takeout (fast food) takeaway
talk show (TV) chat show
tank top vest
tarp (heavy waterproof sheet used as covering) tarpaulin
tavern pub, public house; tavern [old fashioned]
taxi stand taxi rank
tea cart, tea wagon tea trolley
teakettle kettle
technical sergeant (U.S. Air Force) chief technician (Royal Air Force)
teddy (one-piece undergarment for a woman) camiknickers (i.e. camisole + knickers)
telephone booth telephone box, telephone kiosk
telephone operator (at telephone exchange only) telephonist (at switchboard or telephone exchange)
telephone pole telegraph pole
teller (bank) cashier, bank cashier
tempest in a teapot (a lot of fuss about nothing) storm in a teacup
Texas gate (vehicle pass) cattle grid (grid over a ditch to allow vehicles
                  but not sheep or cattle to pass)
that figures that's likely (or reasonable)
There you go! (said when handing over something) Here you are!
Thermos™ bottle Thermos™ flask, vacuum flask
third floor, third story second floor, second storey
thread cotton (on a reel)
through, thru (as in 'Monday thru Friday') up to and including
thumbtack drawing pin
ticker tape machine (for receiving telegraphic messages)
ticket counter ticket office
ticket sales clerk booking clerk
ticket scalper ticket tout
ticket taker ticket collector
tic-tac-toe, tick-tack-toe (game) noughts and crosses
tidbit titbit
time out time off, time to spare
toggle bolt Rawplug™ (plastic anchor that gives screws
                    a proper grip on walls)
toilet kit sponge bag, toilet bag
toll free (or 800) number in the U.S. freephone (or 0800) number in the UK
tow truck breakdown truck, breakdown van
towel rack towel rail
town house terraced house
traffic circle (type of road junction) roundabout
traffic light, traffic signal traffic lights
track (railroad track) line (railway line)
track 1 (of a train or railroad station) platform 1 (of a railway station)
track and field athletics
tractor-trailer articulated lorry, juggernaut
trailer (mobile home) caravan
trailer camping caravanning
trailer park caravan site
train station railway station
tramp [slang]  (loose woman or prostitute) scrubber, tart [both slang]
transmission tower (supporting high-voltage cables) pylon, electricity pylon
trash rubbish, refuse [formal]
trash can, trash barrel dustbin
trash man dustman, rubbish collector, refuse collector [formal]
traveling salesman commercial traveller
triangle (drawing instrument) set square
trolley (means of transportation) tram;
cable car
truck lorry, truck
truck farm (small farm growing fruit and vegetables
                   for direct sale to the public)
market garden
truck stop transport café
trunk (of a car) boot
tube (electronic component) valve, radio valve
tube, the [colloq.]  (television, TV) the telly, the box [both colloq.]
tube top (woman's tight, low-cut, strapless top) boob tube
turfman horse racing devotee or punter
turn signal (on a vehicle) indicator, blinker
turnpike tollroad
turtleneck (sweater) polo neck, roll neck (jumper)
tuxedo dinner jacket
twelve-gauge shotgun twelve-bore shotgun
two weeks a fortnight (from Old English for fourteen nights)
two-family house semi-detached house