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AmericanAmerican term or expression BritishBritish equivalent, or explanation
wading pool  paddling pool
wait in line queue
walk [slang] to be let off the hook (freed from suspicion, charge or, at the very least, any harsh punishment)
walker (handheld frame for anyone
             needing support when walking)
walking frame, Zimmer frame™
walking cane walking stick
walking stick stick insect
Walkman™ personal stereo
wall outlet wall socket, mains socket, plug socket,
plug [colloq.], power point
Wall Street (New York's financial hub) City, the  (London's financial district)
wall-to-wall carpet fitted carpet
want ad wanted ad
warrant officer (U.S. Army & U.S. Marine Corps) warrant officer 1st class > warrant officer 2nd class  (British Army & Royal Marines)
warrant officer > master chief petty officer
> senior chief petty officer (U.S. Navy)
fleet chief petty officer (Royal Navy)
wash the dishes wash up, do the washing up
wash up freshen up, wash one's face and hands
washcloth flannel, face flannel, facecloth
washer [colloq.] washing machine
washroom [euphemism] lavatory, toilet
water heater (electric) immersion heater
waxed paper, wax paper greaseproof paper
weather-stripping draught excluder
whole note (in music) semibreve
whole wheat (bread, flour, spaghetti, etc.) wholemeal
windbreaker windcheater, anorak
window shade roller blind
windshield windscreen
winner-takes-all candidate selection first-past-the-post (election)
wire [colloq.] telegram
wire mesh screen  (over burner in chemistry lab) gauze  
wire someone a message send someone a telegram
wire someone some money pay someone by electronic transfer
Wite-Out™ (correction fluid) Tipp-Ex™
witness stand witness box
woolen, wool (adj.) woollen
work in process work in progress
workday working day
workweek working week
world's record world record
wrench spanner
wringer mangle
wrong way (traffic sign) no entry