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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
dab hand [colloq.] (person very good at something) ace
daddy longlegs [colloq.] crane fly
daft foolish, crazy
dame a lady who has been knighted
damn all nothing at all
damp squib, a something unimpressive (underwhelming)
danger money hazard pay, hazardous duty pay
Darby and Joan your average, happily married elderly couple
Darby and Joan's club social club for the elderly
Dash it (all)! Damn it (all)!
Davenport type of ornamental writing-desk
dawn chorus, the many birds singing just before the sun comes up
day return (train or bus ticket) heavily discounted round-trip ticket valid one day only, often with restrictions on rush-hour usage  
a dead cert  [colloq.] a sure thing, sure-fire
dead on (as in 'dead on 6 o'clock') exactly
debtors (in accounting) accounts receivable, receivables
decider (in game or sport) final game to allow one team or individual to claim victory
dekko [slang] (as in 'let's have a dekko at it') look, peep, glance
demerara a kind of rough, light-brown cane sugar
demister (on car windscreen or rear window) defogger, defroster
demon drink, the [humorous] demon alcohol, the
dental surgery dentist's office
depot bus or truck parking;
storehouse for goods
DERV (acronym for 'diesel-engined road vehicle') category of diesel fuel for on-road use taxed at a higher rate than diesel fuel for other purposes
des res [colloq.] desirable residence, plush pad [colloq.]
detached house one-family house
dialling code area code
dialling tone dial tone
diamanté (brightly shining artificial jewel) rhinestone
diary (for planning purposes) appointment book, date book, calendar
dibs [slang]   money, dough [slang]  
dick (see also clever dick) stupid man
different to, different from different than, different from
digs [colloq.] temporary lodgings other than hotel
dinky [colloq.] small and charming or cute
dinner jacket tuxedo
dinner service, dinner set set of matching plates, dishes, bowls, cups and saucers for serving meals to a number of people
dip (v.) to lower a vehicle's headlight beam
direct debit (banking) automatic draft
directory enquiries (telephone) directory assistance
dishy [colloq.] sexually attractive, sexy-looking
dispatch-rider messenger
district (in a town) section
diversion (on road) detour
do a bunk, do a runner [slang] abscond or slip away in a hurry to avoid something unpleasant, such as paying a bill
do porridge [slang]  (go to prison) serve time
docker, dockworker longshoreman
doddle [colloq.] (as in 'It's a doddle!') cinch, breeze, a piece of cake
dodgem, dodgem car (at a fairground) bumper car
dodgy [colloq.] (as in 'dodgy practices') artful, cunning
dog's breakfast [colloq.] a total mess or something very badly done
dogsbody [colloq.] (person given all the boring
                               or unpleasant tasks)
drudge, gofer [colloq.]
dole, the (as in 'he's on the dole') welfare payments to the unemployed
do the washing up do the dishes, wash the dishes
doctor's surgery doctor's office
dog end [slang] smoked cigarette end or butt
donkey's years ages; many, many years
doolally [colloq.] (out of one's mind) bananas [colloq.]
dormitory multiple-bed room at boarding school
dormitory town bedroom community
dosh [slang] jack [slang], money
doss (v.) [slang] sleep rough or in cheap lodgings
dosser [slang] hobo, or one who sleeps rough
doss-house [slang] (very cheap lodging house) flophouse [slang]
dotty [colloq.] feebleminded, absurd, eccentric
double cream heavy cream
double Dutch incomprehensible speech or writing
double-glazed windows, double glazing double-pane windows
doughnut donut
downmarket common and cheap
draining board (dish-drying surface next to sink) drainboard
drainpipe downspout
drapery, draper's (shop) dry goods store
draught excluder weather-stripping
draughts (board game) checkers
drawing pin thumbtack
drawing room [formal] (originally 'withdrawing room') living room
dress circle (in a theatre) first balcony, mezzanine  
dresser tall piece of (usually kitchen) furniture with drawers or closets in bottom half and shelves on top
dressing gown robe, bathrobe
dressing table (chest of drawers with mirror on top) dresser
drink-driver drunk driver, drunken driver
drink-driving drunk driving, drunken driving
drinks cupboard liquor cabinet
drinks party cocktail party
drip [medical] (as in 'he was put on a drip') drip feed
drip-mat (put under a glass) coaster
drive (n.) driveway
driving licence driver's license
driving test driver's test
dry up dry washed dishes with a dish towel
drop a clanger [slang] make a mistake or blunder
dual carriageway divided highway
duff  [colloq.] bad, inferior, no good
duff up somebody [slang] beat up, thrash
dummy (baby's comforter) pacifier
dumper (type of lorry) dump truck
dungarees  (jeans or tough denim trousers with
                    cloth covering for the chest and straps
                    over the shoulders to hold them up)
dust sheet drop cloth
dustbin trash can, trash barrel, garbage can, garbage barrel
dustcart garbage truck
duster dust cloth
dustman trash collector, garbage collector
duvet  (thick, soft quilt with detachable cover) comforter
dynamo mechanical generator (e.g. on a bicycle)