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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
haberdasher sewing accessory shop
haberdashery notions
hack (n.) kick on the shin in violation of soccer rules (a foul)
hackney cab [formal] taxi, cab
hair lacquer hair spray
hairdressing salon beauty parlor, beauty salon, beauty shop
hairclip, hairgrip (flat hairpin with ends close together) bobby pin
hairslide barrette
half board (hotel room price includes breakfast
                  and either lunch or dinner)
modified American plan
half-cut [colloq.] drunk
half-mast (as in 'the flag flew at half-mast') half-staff
half moon first quarter, last quarter
half-term (holiday) a mid-semester school break in the U.K.
hall (area in home between front door and other rooms) foyer
hall of residence (at university) dorm [colloq.], dormitory
ham-fisted (awkward, clumsy) ham-handed
hamper basket of food for a picnic, Christmas, etc.
handbag purse, pocketbook
handbrake (on a vehicle) emergency brake, parking brake
Hard cheese! [colloq.] Tough luck! [colloq.]
hard core (construction material) broken-up stones or bricks used as road foundation
hard shoulder (on a motorway) shoulder (on a freeway)
harvestman (arachnid a.k.a. the harvest spider) daddy longlegs [colloq.]
hash sign, hash mark;
hash key   ( # )
pound sign, number sign;
pound key   ( # )
hatstand hat rack
haulier  (lorry or truck driver; haulage company) hauler  (trucker; trucking company)
have a bash at something [colloq.] have a go at something or give it a try
have a bath take a bath
have a bun in the oven [slang] be in the family way [colloq.], be expecting (a baby)
have a go at someone [colloq.] scold or physically attack someone
have a pee [colloq.]  (pass urine) take a pee [colloq.]
have a shower take a shower
have a slash [slang]  (pass urine) take a pee [colloq.],
have a whack at something [colloq.] have a go at something or give it a try
have another (or one more) string to one's bow have another skill to fall back on
have got (as in 'Have you got a piano?') have (as in 'Do you have a piano?')
have it away, have it off [slang] have sexual intercourse
haver (take a long time to decide something) hem and haw
head porter (hotel) bell captain
headlamp, headlight headlight
headmaster, headmistress, headteacher, head principal
helter-skelter (n.) amusement park slide spiraling down around a tower
hen party, hen night bachelorette party
Here you are! (said when handing over something) There you go!
hi-fi, hi-fi system sound system
high street (principal shopping street in any town) main street, main drag [colloq.]
high tea early supper in late afternoon with tea
highly geared (of a company with high borrowing
                        in relation to its share capital)
highly leveraged
Highway Code, the the official guide to the rules of the road in the U.K.
hipsters (trousers not reaching as high as the waist) hip-huggers
hire car rental car
hire purchase (or HP) payment according to an installment plan
hoarding billboard
hob top part of stove with hotplates or burners
hockey field hockey
holdall (long cloth or leather travel bag
             with two tough handles)
hole in the wall [slang]  (cash dispenser) ATM
holiday (leave of absence) vacation
holidaymaker vacationer
homely (familiar, simple and comfortable, like home) homey
hooker (rugby) front-row player in scrum trying to hook ball
hooter vehicle horn;
colloquial for 'nose'
Hoover™ (n.) vacuum cleaner
hoover (v.)   vacuum
horsebox horse trailer
horse-riding horseback riding
horses for courses [colloq.] different people have different skills
hosepipe hose, garden hose
hot flush (sensation felt by menopausal women) hot flash
hotplate (on an electric cooker) round flat metal plate for heating or cooking food
hotpot casserole, usually with layer of potato on top
household goods housewares
houseman (in a hospital) resident (qualified doctor training as a specialist); intern
housemate (also flatmate) roommate
housewife homemaker
housing estate housing development, subdivision
hum and haw (take a long time deciding something) hem and haw
human resources director (top executive) vice president (VP) human resources
hundreds and thousands (cake/ice cream topping) sprinkles