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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
ice, an [colloq.] an ice-cream on a stick
ice box the ice compartment of a refrigerator  
ice hockey hockey
ice lolly, iced lolly Popsicle™
ice rink rink
icing sugar powdered sugar, confectioners' sugar
identity parade lineup
immersion, immersion heater electric water heater
in a moment (very soon) momentarily  (as in 'she'll be with you momentarily')
in pop [colloq.] in pawn
included in a bargain sale on sale
Indian ink India ink
indicator (on vehicle) turn signal
industrial estate industrial park
infant (schoolchild under 7 years of age) kindergartner
infant school kindergarten
infirmary In U.K., old word for hospital, mostly used in names
inflatable dinghy rubber (life) raft
in hospital (staying there as an inpatient) in the hospital, hospitalized
inn U.K. pub offering overnight accommodation
insect bug
inside leg (inside trouser leg measurement) inseam
interval (break during a cinema or theatre performance) intermission
in-tray in box
invoicing billing
ironmonger('s), ironmongery hardware store
itchy feet [colloq.] wanderlust, strong desire to travel