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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
kedgeree breakfast dish made of fish, rice and eggs
Keep your pecker up! keep cheerful and smiling, no matter what
kennel (the small wooden shelter
             for your dog to sleep in outside)
kennels (the place where you leave your dog
               to be cared for while you are away)
kerb curb
kerfuffle  [colloq.] palaver, unnecessary fuss or disturbance
kettle teakettle, kettle
kick the bucket [slang]  (pass away) kick in, kick off, check out, conk out, pop off [slang]
kick-off [colloq.] (as in: 'For a kick-off, let's eat!') start
killick [nautical slang] leading seaman
kindergarten preschool
kip [colloq.] sack time [colloq.], sleep, nap
kipper breakfast herring first treated with salt, then smoked
kirby grip (Kirbigrip™) a kind of sprung hairgrip
kissagram, kissogram   novelty greetings message delivered with a kiss
kit gear or clothing for sporting activities, etc;
electronic equipment or gadgetry
kitchen bench kitchen counter
kitchen range old-style solid-fuel stove kept hot all day long
knackered [slang] exhausted, worn out
knees-up [colloq.] a lively party
knickerbockers knickers
knickers  (ladies' underwear) panties
knob [slang]  (penis) pecker [slang]
knock back [colloq.] drink something especially quickly; disconcert
knock off [colloq.] (as in 'he knocks off at six') end a work shift
knock-on effect indirect or secondary effect
knock someone off [slang] (make sexual conquest) get laid [slang]
knock spots off defeat easily
knock up [colloq.] make or arrange something hastily;
wake someone up by knocking on their door;
practice a ball game before formal play begins;
score runs rapidly (in cricket)
knockers [slang] (female breasts) hooters, jugs [both slang], boobs [colloq.]
knocking shop [slang] brothel
know your onions [colloq.] know your stuff, know what you're talking about
knuckle-duster brass knuckles