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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
lacquer (hair lacquer) hair spray
ladder (in hosiery) run
ladies' hairdresser's, hairdressing salon beauty parlor/salon/shop
ladybird ladybug
lager a light-colored effervescent beer
lance corporal (British Army) private 1st class (U.S. Army)
landlady, landlord owner of pub, boarding house or lodgings
larder large kitchen cupboard/small room for food storage; pantry
lark (negative sense: 'I'm sick of this exam lark!'
        positive sense: 'I don't take exams for a lark.')
rigmarole, an unenjoyable or pointless activity;
something done for fun (same as American usage)
launderette Laundromat™, coin laundry
laundry basket (dirty clothes) hamper
lavatorial humour  scatological humor
layabout (habitual loafer or idler) bum, bummer [both slang]
lay-by (roadside resting place or
            vehicle stopping area)
lay something on plan or arrange something
lay the table set the table
leader newspaper editorial;
concertmaster, leading violinist
leading seaman (Royal Navy) petty officer 3rd class (U.S. Navy)
leaflet flyer
lecturer (at college or university) professor
left luggage locker coin locker
left luggage office baggage room
let, let out lease or rent out property or land
letterbox mailbox (receptacle); 
mail slot (rectangular hole in door or wall of building)
level crossing grade crossing, railroad crossing
lifebelt life buoy (a buoyant belt-shaped life preserver)
lift (n.) elevator;
ride (in someone's car to where you need to get to)
lightning conductor lightning rod
like the clappers [colloq.] like crazy [colloq.], very fast or hard
linctus syrupy cough medicine
line (railway) track
line manager (U.K.) supervisor one rank above those supervised; person in charge of key activity, such as production
liner (ship) ocean liner
lino [abbr.]  (floor-covering material) linoleum
liquid lunch [humorous] lunch consisting mainly or only of alcoholic beverages
liquidizer (kitchen gadget) blender
liver sausage liverwurst
Liverpudlian   relating to (or resident of) English city of Liverpool
loaf [slang] (as in: 'Use your loaf!')   head, brains
locum doctor who substitutes for another during absence
lodger (pays for a room/meals in another's home) roomer
loft a roomless attic
lollipop man, lollipop lady [colloq.] 
            (officially a 'school crossing patrol officer')
crossing guard
lolly [C], ice lolly popsicle
lolly [C], lollipop hard candy on a stick
lolly [U] [colloq.] (money) dough [colloq.]
long-sighted far-sighted
loo [colloq.]  (lavatory) john [colloq.]; bathroom, restroom
loony-bin [slang] (psychiatric hospital) booby-hatch [slang]
loose cover (removable cover for chair, sofa, etc.) slipcover
lorry truck
lose the plot [colloq.] act irrationally, go crazy
loss adjuster (investigates insurance claims) claims adjuster
lost property (office) lost and found
loudhailer bullhorn, megaphone
lounge suit men's formal suit for day wear; business suit  
love (form of address used by older shop clerks) honey, hon'
low loader lowboy trailer
L-plate mandatory large red L on rear of learner-driver's car
Ltd.  (Abbreviation for 'Limited'.
         Ltd. company owners have limited personal
         liability in the event of a bankruptcy.)
Inc. (Incorporated)
lucky dip grab bag
lug [colloq.] ear
lug stopper [colloq.] earplug
luggage baggage
luggage van (on a train) baggage car
lughole [colloq.] earhole
lumber room a room where bulky or disused items are stored