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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
OAP (old-age pensioner) retiree, senior
oblique stroke   / forward slash    /
off [colloq.] (as in: 'Sorry dear, it's off!') any unavailable U.K. restaurant menu item is 'off'
off-licence liquor store, package store
off one's rocker [slang]  (bonkers, crazy) out to lunch [colloq.]
off-the-peg (ready-to-wear items in clothes shop) off-the-rack
on holiday on vacation
on sale for sale, available for purchase
on the cards [colloq.] (likely or probable) in the cards [colloq.]
on the dole [colloq.]    living on welfare for the unemployed
on the game [slang] involved in prostitution or thieving
on the wagon, on the water wagon teetotal, abstaining from alcohol
on tick [colloq.] on credit
opencast mining open-pit mining, open-cut mining
operating theatre operating room
opposite across from
optician optometrist
orbital bypass or motorway road encircling city or town
Ordinance Survey, the UK government mapping agency
ordinary seaman  (Royal Navy) seaman apprentice (U.S. Navy)
ordinary share (investment) common stock
orientate [v.] orient [v.]
outdoor lavatory outhouse
outhouse shed or smaller building in house grounds
outside lane (of motorway) passing lane (of freeway)
out-tray outbox
oven glove oven mitt
overall light, loose-fitting, coat-like garment worn over one's regular clothes to protect them
overleaf (referring to something on the next page) P.T.O. (please turn over)
overtake catch up with and pass someone (esp. on a road)
own-brand product, own-label product private brand, store brand
Oxbridge [portmanteau word] Oxford and Cambridge universities, England's oldest and most prestigious (compare Ivy League)  
Oxo™ a make of bouillon cubes
Oxonian relating either to Oxford or its university
Oi! Hey!