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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
racecourse racetrack
racing car race car
rag (annual college event organized by students) row of charity fund-raising activities/entertainments
rag [colloq.] (as in 'I read it in the local rag') humorous term for newspaper of lower quality
rag-and-bone man ragman
railway railroad
railway carriage, coach or wagon (also 'waggon') railroad car, passenger car
railway crossing (also 'level crossing') grade crossing, railroad crossing
railway line railroad track
railway station railroad station, train station, depot
rallying (motor sport) rally racing
randy [slang] horny [slang], lustful  
range (of products) line, product line
range (old style cooker) stove (solid fuel-fired type kept hot all day long)
rasher bacon slice
rat run [colloq.] back road used by many to avoid rush-hour traffic
ratty [colloq.] irritable, touchy
Rawplug™ plastic wall anchor to give screws grip on walls;
U.S. equivalents include the molly bolt & toggle bolt
reafforestation reforestation
real tennis (the ancient game from which
                   modern-day tennis is derived)
court tennis
rear light (on vehicle) taillight
reception (hotel, etc.) front desk
receptionist (front) desk clerk
recess temporary cessation of work, esp. in Parliament
reckon (think, guess) figure
recorded delivery certified mail
recreation ground playground
Red Indian [now politically incorrect] American Indian, Native American
redundant out of work, unemployed
reel (of film, tape, cotton, etc.) roll, spool
refuse collector garbage man, trash man
registered post certified mail
register office, registry office marriage clerk's office
registration plate, registration number (on vehicle) license plate
remand centre, remand home, remand school reformatory, reform school
Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sunday British equivalent of Veterans' Day
remould a tyre retread a tire
removal/removals firm, service or company movers
removal/removals lorry or van moving van
repeat prescription (medical) additional prescription allowing more of a previously prescribed medicine, and usually without the patient having to see the doctor all over again
research director (top executive) vice president (VP) research
resident overnight hotel guest
residential area/district residential section, uptown
restaurant bill check
rest room relaxation room
return ticket round trip ticket
reverse charge call collect call
reverse the charges call collect
reversing lights (on vehicle) reverse lights, backup lights
revise (re-read study notes or textbooks) review
right cock-up, a screwed up mess resulting from incompetence
right-angled triangle (triangle with one 90° angle) right triangle
Righto! Right-oh! Righty-ho! Sure thing!
rile (annoy or agitate; stir up sediment in liquid) roil (common AmE variant of 'rile')
ring off (end a phone call) hang up
ring road (bypass encircling a city or town) beltway
ring someone up call someone on the telephone
ring-pull (on drink can) pull-tab  
rise (pay increase) raise
rising damp ground-moisture penetration in wall
road metal small or crushed stones used in road-making
roadworks road work
rock hard, cylindrical stick of peppermint candy
roger [slang] (have sex with) ball, hump, screw [all slang]
roll neck, roll-necked jumper turtleneck sweater
Roller [colloq.] Rolls Royce car
roller blind (window) shade
rollmop a rolled-up pickled herring fillet
room only (at hotel, etc.) European plan
ropy, ropey [colloq.] in poor condition or of low quality
ro-ro  [colloq.] roll-on, roll-off ferry (vehicles are driven on at one
                                end and off at the other)
rot [slang] baloney [colloq.], nonsense
rota roster, duty roster
rotter   cad; objectionable, unpleasant person
round brackets   (    ) parentheses
round something (prep.) around something
round the bend [colloq.] crazy; extremely agitated or worked up over something
roundabout (merry-go-round) carousel
roundabout (circular road junction) rotary, traffic circle
rowing boat rowboat
rubber eraser
rubber johnny, johnny  [both slang] rubber [slang], condom, sheath
rubbish (n.) garbage, trash;
nonsense, baloney [colloq.]
rubbish (v.)  [colloq.] criticize severely; reject as worthless
rubbish tip garbage dump
rucksack backpack
ruddy [colloq.] damned, darned [colloq.]
rug thick wool coverlet or blanket
rugger [colloq.] rugby football
rum, rummy (adj.)  [colloq.] strange, odd, queer
rump steak sirloin steak
run a new car in break in a new car's engine by not driving too fast for the first 1,000 miles or so
run away to Gretna Green  [colloq.] elope
runner bean string bean
rusticate (a student) suspend from college or university