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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
Ta! [colloq.] Thanks!
Ta-ra! [colloq., esp. N. England] See ya! [colloq.]  Bye now!  
Ta-ta! [colloq.] See ya! [colloq.]  Bye now!  
tab [military] British staff officer's collar marking
table (v.) submit something for discussion at a meeting
table tennis bat paddle
tabloid (newspaper) a newspaper half the size of a British broadsheet
tadpole polliwog, pollywog [dial.]
tailback long line of traffic stuck behind obstruction
tailboard (on lorry) tailgate (on truck)
tailplane (on an aircraft) horizontal stabilizer 
take something with a pinch of salt take something with a grain of salt
take stock make an inventory
take the mickey [colloq.] make fun out of, tease, mock, ridicule
take the piss [slang] make fun out of, tease, mock, ridicule
takeaway (fast food) takeout, carryout, food to go
taken short [colloq.] in urgent need of a visit to the lavatory
tallboy (piece of furniture) highboy
tanker (type of lorry) fuel truck
Tannoy™ type of public address system
tap (running water outlet) faucet
tarmac blacktop, asphalt
tartan (Scottish pattern) plaid
tart [slang] (loose woman or prostitute)
tramp, hooker [both slang]
tart oneself up [colloq.] dress up, usually gaudily
tatty [colloq.] worn and shabby; in tatters [colloq.]
taxi cab
taxi rank taxi stand
tea, teatime (more than just a drink!) a light afternoon meal with cakes, sandwiches, etc.
tea cloth dishcloth, dishrag, dish towel
Teasmade™ timer-controlled tea maker
teat rubber or plastic nipple on baby's feeding bottle
tea towel dish towel, dishcloth, dishrag
tea trolley tea cart/wagon
telegram wire [colloq.]
telegraph pole telephone pole
telephone box, telephone kiosk telephone booth
telephonist (switchboard or telephone exchange) telephone operator (at telephone exchange only)
telly, the [colloq.] the tube, the boob tube [both slang], TV set
term (one of three seasons in an academic year) semester (two in a year)
terraced house town house, row house
that takes the biscuit that beats everything
third-party insurance liability insurance
throw a sickie [colloq.] falsely claim you are sick to get a day off work
throw a wobbly [colloq.] become exceedingly angry and upset
tick √  (given for correct or 'yes' answers) check (v.); check mark (n.)
tick [colloq.]  (if you buy something 'on tick'
                      you can pay for it later)
tick [colloq.]  (as in 'Janice will be here in a tick') jiffy [colloq], short while, moment
tick someone off scold, criticize someone's behavior to their face
thick (as in: 'That's a bit thick!') unreasonable
ticket [colloq.] certificate of discharge from the army
ticket barrier (at railway station) gate
ticket collector ticket taker
ticket office ticket counter
ticket tout ticket scalper
tickety-boo [colloq.] all right, in order
tiddler [colloq.] small fish (e.g. stickleback or minnow)
tiddly [colloq.] very small, tiny;
slightly drunk
tidy neat
tie necktie
tights pantyhose
timber   lumber
timetable (bus, train, plane, etc.) schedule
tin food can
tinker [colloq.] mischievous person or naughty child
tinkle [colloq.] ('I'll give you a tinkle later.') phone call
tip  (as in 'tip rubbish on a rubbish tip') dump  (as in 'dump garbage on a garbage dump')
tipper (lorry) dump truck
Tipp-Ex™ (correction fluid) Wite-Out™
tissue (paper handkerchief) Kleenex™
titbit tidbit
titfer [abbreviation of rhyming slang 'tit for tat') hat
tizz [colloq.] (as in 'she was all in a tizz')   state of agitation or confusion
toad-in-the-hole dish of sausages baked in batter
toboggan (a small sledge) skeleton (a small sled)
toerag [slang] a contemptible, worthless person  
toff [colloq.] a dandy or smartly dressed gentleman who either is or wants to be considered upper class
toffee apple candy apple
togs [colloq.] clothes
toilet bathroom, restroom, washroom [all euphemisms]
tomato sauce ketchup
tombola raffle with ​tickets bought from a ​spinning ​container;
a winner's ticket number matches that on a ​prize
ton [slang] (as in: 'I did a ton on the motorway!') a speed of 100 miles per hour
torch (battery operated) flashlight
Tory member of the Conservative Party
tosser [slang]  (contemptible man) asshole, jerk [both slang]
toss off [slang]  (masturbate) jerk off [slang],
tot up (figures, or items billed) add up
tots up to (as in 'that tots up to 643') amounts to
touch wood (said when hoping for good luck) knock (on) wood
towel rail towel rack
tower block skyscraper
trade union, trades union labor union
trading estate industrial park
traffic lights traffic light, traffic signal, stop light, stop signal
traffic warden public official to police urban parking
train down lose weight through exercise & dieting
trainers sneakers
tram, tramcar streetcar, trolley, trolley car
tramp hobo, vagrant, bum [slang]
transport café, transport caff [colloq.] truck stop
tributary (of a river) creek
trilby men's soft felt hat with a deep-folded crown
trolley (for carrying shopping, luggage, etc.) cart
trouser suit (smart women's outfit with
                     matching jacket and trousers)  
trousers pants; (if loosely cut) slacks
truncheon (policeman's baton) nightstick
trunk call (originally, call made on trunk phone line) long-distance call
trunk road highway;
parkway (in an open landscape)
Tube, the  [colloq.] nickname for the London subway system
tuck [colloq.] light snack eaten by kids in school break
tuck in (at mealtime), tuck into (a meal) [colloq.] start eating heartily
turf accountant bookmaker, bookie [colloq.]
turn-ups (on trousers) pant cuffs
turtleneck  (of a jumper with high round collar
                    that doesn't fold over on itself)
mock turtleneck
twee (arty; pretentiously artistic or quaint) artsy
twelve-bore shotgun twelve-gauge shotgun
twig [colloq.](as in 'I later twigged what she meant') understand, grasp, perceive
twit  [colloq.] jackass, silly or foolish person
twitcher [colloq.] birdwatcher
tyke  [colloq.] (as in 'Come here, you little tyke!') naughty or cheeky young child;
rude man
Tyke  [colloq.] native of Yorkshire